Tips For Repainting Of Metal Lathe

Among all the tools and its accompanying parts and components, the thirteen-inch Roundhead lathe is said to be a prized asset. But it will only remain so if the tool user is more than prepared to utilize it correctly and look after it well. Regular maintenance work may be required. And a variable speed metal lathe would need to be turned in as early as possible to be repaired once worn down due to extensive wear and tear.

But in the meantime, there are tasks that the metal lathe user can get his hands dirty with. It just depends on how well you are prepared for the work. First things first. Good housekeeping. Keep your work areas free of grime, dirt and all other debris typical of the workshop environment. And of course, store away your lathe in a safe and clean unit and space. When the time arrives, one of the tasks that you can indulge in is the repainting of your metal lathe.

variable speed metal lathe

In this repainting exercise you will be using paint that has good adhesion properties for cast iron and steel. The paint must also have a solid resistance to lubrication oils and coolants. It is also good to go in for a one hundred percent acrylic material that is also water reducing and corrosion resistant. The paint is perfectly primed for all industrial work. For decorative effect, the paint is allowed to be tinted.

Alongside of the painting work will be the necessary cleaning work. Before any painting can commence, all dirt and grime must be removed from the machine using a recommended industrial cleaner. The cleaner is water based. It can be diluted and will not strip off any of the paint already on the machine.